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Bequests - Making life better

for all people affected by dementia - with your good Will.

A current Will is a good Will

A Will is the best way to provide for those you leave behind. If offers peace of mind, knowing that after you’ve gone your assets will go to the people and places you’ve chosen, and your final wishes will be fulfilled. As your family grows and develops, it’s important to update your Will to reflect changes in your circumstances.

Please remember, at its heart a Will should focus on looking after the future of your family and friends first and foremost. It is very important to Alzheimers Wellington, that you take a ‘family first, charity second' approach when leaving a gift to us in your Will.


Any amount will make a big difference

Any bequest, large or small, will directly help those living with dementia, and enable us to continue our work within your community. Every dollar helps in our efforts to:

  • Provide individual support services and informationalz 1
  • Provide educational workshops for people with a dementia and family carers
  • Provide a variety of supporter groups for people with a dementia and family carers

By leaving a bequest to Alzheimers Wellington, you can extend your legacy to benefit many. Your gift is an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people affected by dementia, now and in the years ahead. It’s a way to give beyond your lifetime, and make a lasting contribution towards the care and support of people with a diagnosis of dementia and their family carers.


Suggested wording for one of the most popular types of bequests:

A Specified Amount of Money
This is the most common form of bequest which, if given without restriction, can be used by Alzheimers Wellington where it is most needed.

I give, devise and bequeath free of all duties to Alzheimers Wellington Inc.(Charities Commission number CC20061) the sum of $.............. for the general purposes of Alzheimers Wellington [or for the specific purposes of .................... ] and I declare that the receipt of the Manager or other responsible officer shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustees.

If you are stating a specific purpose for which your gift can be used, it is important that you first discuss this with the Alzheimers Wellington Manager. This will ensure there will be no foreseeable issues in using your gift for that purpose.
With your Good Will the mission of Making life better for people affected by dementia can be future proofed.


It is important to seek qualified advice from a solicitor when drawing up a Will, or when making any changes to an existing Will, to ensure that your wishes are clearly understood and that the document is legally binding. If you do not already have a solicitor, you could contact the New Zealand Law Society to obtain a list of solicitors who can help you write your Will:

PO Box 5041, Wellington 6145, New Zealand Telephone: +64 4 472 7837 Fax: +64 4 473 7909


Thank you

Thank you for considering a gift in your Will to Alzheimers Wellington. We appreciate that your Will is a confidential document and that you may not wish to tell us you have arranged to leave a planned gift to Alzheimers Wellington. If this is the case we sincerely thank you now, for your caring and generous legacy. Thank you.


Please call Nigel to if you have any questions or need more information about leaving a gift to Alzheimers Wellington in your will.

Nigel Heard

Manager Alzheimers Wellington

Phone: 04 939 0133.

Email Nigel 


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