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“The Wellington Alzheimers Transitions Workshop came at just the right time for me as I was worrying about my mother's deteriorating mental state and wondering what the next stage of her life would be like.

The advice and support from the Alzheimers support worker, and the friendly camaraderie from the other participants smoothed the way and answered many questions.

Although I was dreading the day I took my mother to her new home in the dementia unit, it turned out to be manageable, because I
had developed a plan. My brother, who hadn't attended any Alzheimer's support group meetings, was much more upset and took longer to come to terms with Muriel's mental deterioration.

The greatest development of all is that our mother appears to be much happier than she was in the last few months living at home, and we can simply spend quality time with her, knowing she's in safe hands.

Thanks Alzheimers for your support!”

Heather Newell, Upper Hutt


“The Alzheimers Society is a very helpful and supportive organisation; they have helped both my husband and me enormously. I don’t know how we would have coped without them”alz 3


“Amazing service and support has been given to both my mother and me. Thank you so much for being there, your help is very much appreciated.”


“Life doesn’t end it just changes”


 “Fantastic advice better than social workers, doctors, OT’s, physics’. I don’t know what we would do without such fantastic spot on essential advice and information.”


 “We enjoyed the free and comfortable discussion which answered our questions well and without embarrassment”

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